Entropy Inc. Announces Initial Results of CETRI Technology Development Program and Executive Team Appointment

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CALGARY, AB, July 27, 2021 /CNW/ - Entropy Inc. ("Entropy" or the "Corporation", a subsidiary of Advantage Energy Ltd. or "Advantage") is pleased to announce initial results from its technology development program at the University of Regina's Clean Energy Technologies Research Institute ("CETRI") and the appointment of Jason Chadwick to Entropy's executive team.

Technology Development Update

Extended testing conducted at CETRI's world-class research facility has confirmed Entropy's proprietary carbon capture solvent (named "Entropy23TM") possesses high-performance characteristics that significantly exceed industry standards.  The recently completed phase 1 of CETRI's extended protocol was conducted using a gas mixture with 4% CO2 concentration in order to optimize the solvent blend for common post-combustion carbon capture applications including natural gas-fired turbines, reciprocating engines and boilers.

Prior CETRI research over the last 5 years that led to the discovery and formulation of Entropy23TM was conducted using more traditional testing concentrations of 15%.  Together, the data sets demonstrate the broad applicability of Entropy23TM across a wide range of post-combustion carbon capture applications.

The process of scrubbing carbon dioxide from a mixture of gases is inherently energy intensive.  CETRI confirmed (using a simple screening method at 4% CO2 concentration) that monoethanolamine ("MEA", the industry standard carbon capture solvent) requires 12.15 GJ/tonne for the primary CO2 capture and regeneration process in the laboratory.  Entropy23TM requires 3.15 GJ/tonne for the same process, a step change reduction of 74%.  These physical properties directly impact the energy inputs required to capture carbon dioxide from a flue-gas stream, and the costs of requisite equipment.

Highlights of the Entropy23TM phase 1 extended testing include:

  • Heat duty is ~3.85 times lower than MEA, indicating a major reduction in energy input costs and operating costs
  • Initial absorption rate is 66% higher than MEA, indicating the potential to reduce equipment size and cost
  • Initial desorption rate is ~3.85 times that of MEA, indicating the potential to reduce equipment size and cost
  • Cyclic capacity is 85% higher than MEA, indicating the ability to reduce the volume of solvent, equipment size and cost
  • Lean loading at 110oC is approximately 0, achieving nearly complete release of captured CO2 at lower relative temperatures, which is expected to further reduce energy requirements
  • Significantly lower NH3 emission rates than MEA, indicating high stability and lower solvent degradation, which is expected to reduce operating costs

CETRI has now proceeded to phase 2 of the technology development protocol, which will include extended testing of Entropy23TM using specific exhaust streams that match industrial emissions over multiple months, to confirm the enhanced degradation characteristics.  The results of this phase are expected to be complete in early 2022, with regular progress updates throughout.  The final phase of testing will be conducted beginning in Q2 2022 at Entropy's first commercial Modular Carbon Capture and Storage ("MCCS") development at the Advantage Glacier Gas Plant, allowing Entropy to produce in-situ, verifiable costs and energy intensity metrics for commercial applications by mid-2022.

When combined with Entropy's patent pending MCCS process, Entropy expects Entropy23TM to be an important technology in the global effort to decarbonize.  Entropy intends to pursue a dual path business model, with some projects to be developed as owner/operator/carbon manager, and other projects to be developed as technology provider/licenser with associated carbon royalties.

Executive Team Appointment

Jason Chadwick has been appointed Vice President of Business Development of Entropy, responsible for developing relationships with third-party emitters and developing the commercial agreements and structures required to navigate the full spectrum of the complex carbon capture business.  Jason has 25 years of experience in Western Canada's upstream energy industry. Jason's prior experience includes serving as a Senior Vice President, Commercial for Modern Resources, a private E&P company recognized for its industry leading methane abatement and other low emissions technologies, where he was responsible for all corporate commercial and business development functions.

Ongoing Project Development

Scoping design, engineering, and subsurface evaluations are underway for each of the four projects under Memoranda of Understanding ("MOUs" announced June 2, 2021), with varying degrees of advancement.  These MOUs, totaling approximately 1 million tonnes per annum ("TPA") under development, are in addition to the previously announced project at the Advantage Glacier Gas Plant (182,000 TPA in two phases), where all major equipment required for phase 1 has been purchased and preparations for construction are underway.

Entropy continues to engage with numerous other third-party emitters in a variety of industrial sectors and commercial applications such as power generation, cement production and gas compression, with a significant pipeline of additional potential projects under development.

Entropy is committed to commercial deployment of state-of-the-art technologies in carbon capture and storage ("CCS") and in other clean energy opportunities, building on the combined strengths of Advantage, Allardyce Bower Consulting Inc. ("ABC") and our advisors from CETRI.

About Entropy Inc:
Entropy is a privately-owned company (Advantage 90% and ABC 10%), founded to apply sophisticated science and engineering to commercialize CCS. Entropy's technology is expected to deliver commercial profitability at a carbon price below CAN$50/tonne, using proprietary MCCS technology. Entropy intends to deploy this technology in the global effort to reduce and eventually eliminate carbon emissions.

About Advantage Energy Ltd.:
Advantage is a low-carbon energy producer focused on developing its high quality Montney resources. Advantage's owned infrastructure, top-tier cost structure and capital efficiency provide a strong foundation for sustainable, disciplined production growth. With modern, low emissions-intensity assets and the Glacier CCS asset, Advantage continues to proudly deliver clean, reliable and sustainable energy, contributing to a reduction in global emissions by displacing high-carbon fuels. Advantage's common shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol AAV with its head office in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

About Allardyce Bower Consulting Inc.:
ABC is a Calgary-based engineering, procurement and construction management company with leading expertise in several aspects of gas processing and modularization. ABC's principals Brent Allardyce and Rick Bower provide over 75 years of related experience in designing, troubleshooting, and operating gas processing facilities with innovative professional services and unique capabilities.

About Clean Energy Technologies Research Institute (CETRI):
CETRI centralizes all low-carbon and carbon-free clean energy research activities at the University of Regina. Areas of research focus include decarbonization and zero-emission hydrogen technologies, carbon capture and utilization, and waste-to-renewable fuels and chemicals. Bringing together one of the most dynamic teams of researchers, industry leaders, innovators, and educators in the energy field, CETRI's mission aligns with the Environment & Climate Action areas of focus in the University of Regina's Strategic Plan.

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